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Natasha Oakley

The blond half of ‘A bikini a day’ is called Natasha Oakley. Although when it comes to breast size, Natasha is little less endowed than her friend Devin, but she is still definitely a true Instagram chick. She was born in Sydney, Australia, but has lived a big part of her life in the United States. Natasha Oakley’s beauty is easy to explain since her mother was a former miss universe contestant for Australia. At the age of 10, Natasha moved to Florida with her parents and exchanged the Australian beaches for those of Florida. In her late teens she moved to Maui, Hawaii, where she met her friend Devin whom she later joined in moving to Los Angeles. There they started their road to fame with ‘A bikini a day’ and this gorgeous blonde Australian beach babe quickly became a famous Instagram star. She was smart enough to use her beauty to her advantage and used her Instagram bikini pictures to boast her fashion business. On her personal blog Oakley sells her ‘style’ meaning that you can buy her outfits and bikinis on her website. Furthermore she also created beach calendars of herself and friends which of course generated high sales. Next to enjoying the beach in her bikini, Natasha also loves to work out and keep herself in shape. Being the daughter of a former surf champion, Oakley shares many pictures on her Instagram of herself along the seashore as well as in the swimming pool. Besides beautiful bikini photoshoots we get a glimpse of Natasha Oakley’s daily life with behind the scenes pictures and fun snaps of her friends. As one of the girls who made Instagram into a free source for daily hot bikini babes we of course had to feature Natasha Oakley on the insta-chick website.

Natasha Oakley Australia is a great place to call home
Natasha Oakley Love waking up in our little Bondi apartment just steps away from the beach ☕️
Natasha Oakley Loving this exclusive T-shirt designed by @SamanthaWills & @MountFranklin for the @McGrathFoundation in the #unitedWeStand campaign. $30 from each T-shirt sold will go to funding breast care nurses across Australia! #samanthawills
Natasha Oakley One of my favorite places so far! @stanielrents @abikiniaday
Natasha Oakley Another day in paradise @talulah_label
Natasha Oakley Even the storms are beautiful @mondayswimwear
Natasha Oakley Sneak peak. Behind the scenes with @Camillawithlove & @Abikiniaday #comingsoon
Natasha Oakley Back to visit the Sharks!! @nicdelmar
Natasha Oakley Piña colada bahama kiss
Natasha Oakley Gather round piggies!!
Natasha Oakley Naps on #pigisland with @martinmedus
Natasha Oakley I was actually more scared of this guy than the sharks, hence the stick I'm using to feed him!! #iguanaisland
Natasha Oakley Bahamas life in #johnnywas @internationalfashiongroup
Natasha Oakley Loving this Bahamian sun ☀️ @abikiniaday
Natasha Oakley Good morning world! Where is everyone waking up today ?! @stanielrents
Natasha Oakley I may or may not have personally caught these lobsters but I will definitely be eating them #sorrylobsters ❤️ @stanielrents
Natasha Oakley Does anyone notice anything unusual about this picture
Natasha Oakley Loving my all white room and mirrored walls, feeling right at home! #destinctlydelano
Natasha Oakley Love these pieces from #shadows #andywarhol
Natasha Oakley My last night in Paris
Natasha Oakley
Natasha Oakley The end of a truly wonderful dinner last night at @HotelFouquetsBarriere . Thank you for having us X
Natasha Oakley Just posted my favorite little day dress from here in Paris on my blog for everyone who has been asking about it!!
Natasha Oakley
Natasha Oakley Excited about Paris Fashion Week! Wearing @talulah_label
Natasha Oakley I spy with my little eye... The Eiffel Tower!
Natasha Oakley Having a casual Monday in my @VansAustralia
Natasha Oakley 2 weeks left in sunny #Paris! Next stop ____?!
Natasha Oakley Late lunch in Paris in @Maurieandeve
Natasha Oakley A lovely lunch break in between shooting with @Parisinfourmonths at our favorite cafe
Natasha Oakley For Nan
Natasha Oakley Mojitos with @MartinMedus and Jean Dujardin #GQ
Natasha Oakley Another shot by @felix_forest for the @_aje_ report- see the whole shoot on X
Natasha Oakley I definitely could have lived in this room forever! #Versailles
Natasha Oakley Finally able to share the beautiful images from my shoot with @_aje_ for the #AjeReport - see the blog post on X
Natasha Oakley Flower shopping for @Cynthiagram the lovely sister of @MartinMedus
Natasha Oakley Starting to fall in love with these little streets
Natasha Oakley Last morning with this view, taking my time to get up and then off to a castle for some wine tasting! @theluxenomad
Natasha Oakley Beach hair :) @abikiniaday
Natasha Oakley I have never been in a natural swimming pool before, it's just like diving into a river, so invigorating
Natasha Oakley Pool day hydration
Natasha Oakley Our beautiful house on the beach. Feeling like Rapunzel in our bedroom right at the top! @theluxenomad #villatosca #iamaluxenomad #bordeaux
Natasha Oakley Feels good to have a beach/ pool day! I can only be in the city for so long! :) @abikiniaday #abikiniadaylife
Natasha Oakley France like you've never seen it before. Arrived just in time for the sunset at Basin D'acarchon
Natasha Oakley An unexpected and pleasant visit to the countryside.
Natasha Oakley Hey girls! Many of you ask me how I stay bikini ready all year round- this month I gave @BazaarAustralia an exclusive look into my health routine, get your copy to see my tips and tricks to staying bikini ready!
Natasha Oakley So warm in Paris today wearing my second #mosthunted trend - Florals! See more of my Tigerlily jumpsuit and Seed shoes from @Westfieldcarindaleofficial on X
Natasha Oakley Afternoon tea from Heaven
Natasha Oakley Getting around Paris in style with @Uber_Paris
Natasha Oakley Just your average room at #Versailles