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Kate Sullivan

Kate Sullivan is a fitness model from Orange County, California. Not much is known about this Californian babe, but we are sure you have seen some of her awesome Instagram pictures. Kate is a true fitness freak and takes good care of her body and health. This super sexy curly blonde with brown eyes is updating us daily with pictures of herself in the gym wearing her short tights. Furthermore she treats us on sexy pictures in her own house as well as some of her professional photoshoots. Playboy also recognized her beauty and fitness by voting Kate Sullivan’s behind as one of the 21 hottest booties of Instagram. We, at insta-chick, definitely agree with her nomination and so do most of her over 400 thousand followers on Instagram. Kate takes her health serious and makes sure to take her daily proteins and vitamins to keep her body in top shape. Sullivan has starred in several sport magazines, but also does many bikini shoots of which she loves to share the pictures on her Instagram. She’s definitely a rising star and we support this American sport model in her way to the top. Next to her passion for the gym, Kate also describes herself as a so called ‘EDM Babe’, meaning that she loves Electronic Dance Music. We would love to meet Kate Sullivan at one of the dance events, but for now are more than happy enjoying her Instagram photos. On her info it also shows that Kate is an animal lover and some of her pictures of herself posing with cute dogs proofs this fact. We, at insta-chick, are more chick lovers than animal lovers and therefore gathered Kate Sullivan’s pictures on our website. We are sure you will also fall in love with the hottest fitness babe of Instagram.

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Kate Words cannot describe the love I have for this little girl #mypibble
Kate Everyone having a good night?
Kate Hi
Kate How Lilly sleeps sometimes. With her grill out
Kate Kalis' first time at the dog beach! Needless to say both her (and I) got very dirty
Kate Happy Friday!
Kate Worked on legs today. Tryna get that #bubblebutt even if it means I can't walk the next day
Kate Luke has claimed @wyatt561 as his human and won't let the other dogs near him
Kate Starting to learn how to do my own makeup finally after 20 years
Kate Goodnight/goodmorning  @johnnycupcakes
Kate Couldn't decide which one made me giggle more. @gelbspanfitness or @misshayleyeliz
Kate Loving our Do more of what makes you happy shirts and socks from @johnnycupcakes
Kate Another shot from the party! Wearing #HerveLeger
Kate Love my new @xtremerollers! This equipment is very effective for a quick full body workout, perfect for even using at home. And check their profile out for even more workout videos! Thanks guys
Kate Would I make a cute giraffe?
Kate I NEVER wear eyeshadow or fake lashes but my makeup artist thought I should try it out. She's literally the best in OC
Kate You know that girl in your group that's still raging hard even when all your friends are ready to leave? Yeaaaah that's me
Kate Kali always has a smile on her face. Gotta keep up with her
Kate Tiffany blue
Kate She's making the puppy emoji
Kate A lot of you pretty ladies keep asking me where I got my necklace from so I thought I'd let you know it's from Tiffanys
Kate Use code katesullivan to save $10 off of @mvmtwatches ! Thanks for the watch
Kate Not only is my boss the funniest and coolest guy I know, but we also share the same last name
Kate Who's still up? Feeling a little bored. Comment your favorite Instagram page so I can check them out!
Kate #mcm goes out to the ever so handsome @romeomiller
Kate Blondes and brunettes are cute together
Kate Another shot from the party with the lovely @itsdonbenjamin
Kate I usually never use foundation, but when I do it's Dior. It might be a tad expensive but it's completely weightless and doesn't look caked on
Kate No filter needed for this beautiful girl
Kate Lovin the iPhone 6
Kate My girl @missvietnam_universe2014 and I chillin with @dinkyhim last night
Kate Great time last night with the crew and friends
Kate Ready for tonight. Tried going for the Barbie look. How'd I do?
Kate OBSESSED with these cookies from @thecravory ! The company was sweet enough to send these to me and told me I didn't need to promote them or anything but I couldn't help myself. These are by far the best gluten free cookies I've ever tried. (Especially the cake batter one
Kate Like if you think blondes have more fun
Kate Have a ballin Friday everyone
Kate Who else prefers to work out late at night?
Kate Kali's starting to grow a tan patch over her eye
Kate Can't wait for the party this weekend!
Kate Feeling like
Kate Love my spray tan done by my girl  over at @obeythespray ! She uses an organic solution so there are no harmful chemicals on your body. I, like most people, believe that I look better when I'm tan so instead of sitting out in the sun or a tanning bed, go get a spray. The worst that can happen is you look like a pumpkin! But if you go to the right place, you'll look bronzed and natural
Kate #keepsmiling
Kate Use code katesullivan to receive $10 off any watch order from @mvmtwatches. Thanks for the watch guys!
Kate Coffee is my true love ❤️ #honeyvanillalatte
Kate In LA
Kate #StyleWeekOC
Kate For those of you who thought my CANDAY WAX lips picture I posted the other day were actually Botox....C'mon, really? Might have to invest in some glasses if that's the case lol it looked like I stole mrs potatos lips
Kate In love with all my clothes from my good friends over at @johnnycupcakes ! Funny story actually. I was in Martha's Vineyard and came across a store front that looked to me to be a bakery. So of course, seeing as I'm obsessed with cupcakes, walked into the store to find that they didn't actually sell cupcakes but instead sold THE coolest clothing ever so I didn't even care about the cupcakes at that point lol
Kate Kali's quickly learning she can make puppy noises like all the others