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Jessica Davies

Describing herself as your typical next door girl, Jessica Davies is however mostly known for being one of the hottest models coming from Wales. She was born in a tiny village, with the almost unpronounceable name of Penrhyn-coch, in the western part of Wales. Growing up in this village close to Aberystwyth, Jessica Davies joined the Miss Wales competition in 2010 at the age of only 17 in which she made to the finals but eventually lost to that year’s winner Courtney Hamilton. Although Jessica didn’t win she was immediately approached by many glamour model magazines. Being still legally underage at the moment, she had to wait another year before she could get into the modelling business. Since Jess has turned 18 she starred among others in FHM, Zoo and Nuts Magazine. Although this blonde welsh beauty isn’t afraid to take of her clothes on camera she can’t be described as your typical dumb bimbo. Jessica is in fact a sociology student at the University of South Wales, which proves that she’s both smart and beautiful. Jess Davies is sometimes referred to as the “Welsh Wonder” and she has her own website of which you can become a member to see all her explicit photos and videos. However luckily for us she also shares many of her sexy pictures for free on her public Instagram profile. There we can see pictures of her posing for photo-shoots as well as hanging out with her other hot lady friends. Having almost 100.000 Instagram followers Jessica Davies is definitely one of the most famous Welsh girls on the web. She is really active on her profile and posts gorgeous pictures of herself at least once a day which makes her also one of insta-chick’s favorites. We are sure you also can’t get enough of this blonde welsh glamour model and her beautiful Instagram pictures!

Jessica Davies Not moving for a soul #bedlife
Jessica Davies What I like most about America is the macaroni cheese. #USA
Jessica Davies I love my @peta tshirt!! Find your voice for animals, don't be silent about animal cruelty! #peta #animals
Jessica Davies Really enjoyed our couples holiday @fez_p
Jessica Davies Nobody fresher than my clique
Jessica Davies This is the only place I want to be right now #bestival
Jessica Davies GOD HERMIONE #meangirls
Jessica Davies
Jessica Davies The fact that I even have to CENSOR this picture or else I'll have my Instagram closed down is everything that is wrong with gender inequality today. If you don't like it, don't look or don't be the model. But everyone should at least be given the right to have a choice. #loadsmorepage3 #freethenip #iamdone ✌️
Jessica Davies God bless America..
Jessica Davies My website has lots of exclusive content
Jessica Davies In the process of choosing pictures to be edited from back of camera shots, it's so hard I love them allllllll
Jessica Davies Afternoon.
Jessica Davies Can't wait for the @hotshotscalendar @hsc calendar release!!! #hotshots
Jessica Davies It's a wrap! Had such a fun day shooting now a long journey home to a lovely night out ☺️
Jessica Davies Here's your last one. Busy day
Jessica Davies And another! ☺️
Jessica Davies Morning!!! I'm busy shooting today here's a back of the camera shot for you
Jessica Davies @ironikdj new single 'die for you' on vevo soon starring yours truly ✌️
Jessica Davies My #ootd today is courtesy of @304clothing and @hawkersco off on a 5 hour train journey armed with a tub of mango and a self help book #help ✌️
Jessica Davies Summer vibes at #bestival @jusnowproduction let's go backkkk @maryk200 @judy28__ @rhianld
Jessica Davies My calendar pictures are all done and have been sent off to the designer!! Yay!! Happy times look out for special signed pre orders soon xxx #happy #2015
Jessica Davies Exclusive content on my only official website head over and check it out
Jessica Davies It's nearly time for Scotland to decide their future, who's #yes for Scottish independence?! Personally I think we should stay united as Great Britain!
Jessica Davies If you like making love at midnight in the dunes on the cape
Jessica Davies The sun has decided to show it's face in Wales today so I thought I'd try catch a tiny bit of colour! #bikini #summer
Jessica Davies Perhaps ☺️❤️ #qotd #positive #inspiring thoughts hey
Jessica Davies Loving my @hawkersco sunglasses, tooooo many too choose from! Check them out
Jessica Davies Well shit. Maybe I should of just got them flowers. This took me TWO HOURS. It's my parents 24th wedding anniversary today. How lovely to find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. ☺️❤️❤️❤️
Jessica Davies Monday bloody morning where everything seems so far away!!! So I'm gonna throw in an early throwback for you guys from my first @zoo_today shoot! Think it's about time I shot another one, don't you? #zoo #lingerie #monday
Jessica Davies A week later I'm hungover and sorry for myself and suffering from the #bestival blues pretty bad!
Jessica Davies Thought of the day. Believe in yourself. #genius
Jessica Davies Before the darkness.
Jessica Davies I think I'm off my nut
Jessica Davies Wine time
Jessica Davies My outfit today is courtesy of the awesome @304clothing unisex clothes for all you guys out there too. Check em' outtttt! #304 #clothing #ootd
Jessica Davies Just been told these are waiting at home for me! Can't wait to try them on. Thanks so much @hawkersco
Jessica Davies I can see the sea
Jessica Davies Morning! Ish. Who else didn't want to get out of bed today?!
Jessica Davies Morning! Ish. Who else didn't want to get out of bed today?!
Jessica Davies Morning! Ish. Who else didn't want to get out of bed today?!
Jessica Davies Whoa I nearly missed #throwbackthursday @nathenatia
Jessica Davies This is how I've spent my morning!!! Say no to fur. #londonfashionweek #peta #fur @mode_models
Jessica Davies Seriously can't wait for you guys to see my 2015 calendar released soon!! Here's another unedited picture from the pile that didn't make the cut! @mode_models
Jessica Davies I'm interested to know your views. Since when did the image on the left be deemed acceptable and accessible for children on the shelves of stores, yet the image on the right is not. No more lad mags to me, campaign for inequality and is a huge step BACK in time for equality within genders. #nomorepage3
Jessica Davies I'm still moaning about #bestival blues !! #outkast #festival
Jessica Davies Morning lovers !!! Brand new set up on my exclusive website check it out and join now xx
Jessica Davies Chic and Nile rogers were SO good #bestival
Jessica Davies With my absolute hunnayZZzzzz #bestival
Jessica Davies Strong squad #bestival @rhianld