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Ellis Cooper

The hot British glamour model Ellis Cooper was born and raised in Sunderland, North East England. Although her real name is Ellis Thoburn, she took on her stage name of Ellis Cooper when she started out in the business. This beautiful English brunette, who often dyes her hair blonde, is especially known for her many tattoos. She has many of them including a big tattoo between her breasts as well as sleeve tattoos on both of her arms. Ellis started out in the business in 2010 at only 18 years old and quickly moved to London to boost her career. Ever since she has been featured in many glamour model magazines including Playboy, Nuts and Zoo. Recently Ellis Cooper has been signed by Samantha Bond modeling agency who represents many of the hottest British models. Next to Modeling Ellis also has a passion for acting and one of her biggest dreams is to work with Quintin Tarantino someday. She is proud of the fact that she established herself as a brand in the modeling business and is thankful for all the support from her fans. With many pictures of her beautiful tattooed body on her Instagram it’s no wonder that Ellis Cooper has over 130.000 loyal followers. Next to having tattoos all over her body she also has a particular nose ring which gives her that alternative, but very sexy look. We at insta-chick love Ellis Cooper’s craziness and had to include this gorgeous tattooed model into our list of Instagram hotties. Many of the photos feature her amazing body only covered by a bikini or lingerie. However Ellis also loves to share her artistic side on Instagram especially when it comes to tattoos. Last Christmas she got her own tattoo machine and she enjoys making her own stencils. Insta-chick has to admit that the designs are quit neat, but we still prefer the beautiful Instagram pictures of Ellis Cooper herself and we know you do too!

Ellis cooper ✋
Ellis cooper Tip it back. Cc: @ayeshahofficial
Ellis cooper How I feel today... But worsererer #FuckTonsillitis
Ellis cooper Choosing images for a new run of limited edition t-shirts ONLY available at @londontattooconvention
Ellis cooper How many is too many?!
Ellis cooper Sauna made me feel a million X worse.
Ellis cooper Welcoming my blonde hair back tomorrow with open arms. My heart is definitely blonde! Photo by @rvds
Ellis cooper Kneeling Lima crouching lizard... That's right, right? Cc: @angrymoondotnet @inkedmag @love_hatelondon
Ellis cooper Cc: @angrymoondotnet @inkedmag @love_hatelondon
Ellis cooper
Ellis cooper Guilty pleasure forever @erinelizabethkelly
Ellis cooper Wearing my favourite @omweekend bikini for @jordangreen
Ellis cooper Who is coming to see me this year at @londontattooconvention
Ellis cooper Lazy day.
Ellis cooper Good morning 7am - 2hrs sleep is NOT enough.
Ellis cooper Stretching with @angrymoondotnet cc: @inkedmag @love_hatelondon
Ellis cooper My obsession surpasses necessity. This is everything
Ellis cooper You don't believe in guns? They ain't fucking leprechauns, you dumb Mick. Oh Woody let's get married and have a Shih Tzu called Bonny.
Ellis cooper Aptly named from the vault. Shot by @levonmuradian
Ellis cooper Kind of wishing I was still a blonde today
Ellis cooper Dance show pony dance. Cc: @inkedmag @angrymoondotnet @love_hatelondon
Ellis cooper Thinking of doing a limited run of prints of this image in full. What y'all think? Cc: @ayeshahofficial
Ellis cooper Shoot from @dekkerphotography getting me all wet and messy!
Ellis cooper Meow thank you so much  @druzydreams
Ellis cooper Shiny butt insomnia. Whut up.
Ellis cooper
Ellis cooper Shhhut the fuck up. Photo by @angrymoondotnet cc: @inkedmag @love_hatelondon
Ellis cooper Oh, @angrymoondotnet you want me to work?! Sorry, too busy checking Instagram. Cc: @inkedmag @love_hatelondon
Ellis cooper I seriously need to figure out this tanning business
Ellis cooper THANK YOU SO MUCH @with_love_lilly for this gorgeous Yasmin Ribbon underwear set
Ellis cooper Daily inspiration.
Ellis cooper Can't sleep, won't sleep. Cc: @angrymoondotnet @inkedmag @love_hatelondon
Ellis cooper Apparently it's football season now.
Ellis cooper
Ellis cooper Love and light. Shot by @jordangreen
Ellis cooper #TBT #GINGER Wearing my favourite leather underwear from @fleetilya
Ellis cooper Take me back to LA! Photo by @justwilliet for @hypebeast - cc: @dbarchitecture
Ellis cooper Can't sleep, can anyone recommend any good sleep inducing rituals? (Clean please) 2014 calendar shot by my boo @ayeshahofficial
Ellis cooper #tbt #tbbt
Ellis cooper CC: @jordangreen @zoenewlove
Ellis cooper Every once in a while we find a person with a soul of gold. A rare piece of the puzzle you didn't even know was missing. My calm in the storm @laurenfuckincapulet
Ellis cooper Summer in London cc: @jordangreen @zoenewlove
Ellis cooper Photo by my boo @jordangreen
Ellis cooper Another outtake from my shoot with @angrymoondotnet cc: @inkedmag @toddinked @love_hatelondon
Ellis cooper Heartbroken, I love you mate ❤️
Ellis cooper Showing off the new Ayr United kit. Body painting by #courtoncamera
Ellis cooper Water break shooting with @angrymoondotnet Sometimes I get the chance to work with someone truly inspiring and it still staggers me, Kareem and I have talked for years about shooting together and it was definitely worth the wait! - this is a raw contact sheet image. Cc: @toddinked @inkedmag @love_hatelondon
Ellis cooper Insomnia.
Ellis cooper Want rows everyday - Shot by my boo thang @jordangreen