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AriannyCelesteUFC® Excited for one of my favorite weekends of the year @bacardiusa #bacarditour #lala #sponsored
okie_dokies_ Car just broke down in the middle of kuwait.....
Tianna Gregory Dallas ✈️ can't wait to meet you all. I will have posters and my 2015 calendars. @indexskateshop 3-5pm
Candice Swanepoel What is wrong with humanity! This girl looks like an absolute idiot!!!! What is 'cool' about this please do tell me because I don't understand. What culture encourages this kind of behavior???!!! Why is this praised in the USA! The fact that you went to Africa and shot a powerful creature??? This is pure evil. If I were to shame all the people who have taken part in killing wild animals I'd be here all day, but I can't look at this girls stupid face and let it go. Why are you smiling #kendalljones ??!!!
Natasha Oakley This is a picture of us in front of our hotel @devinbrugman
okie_dokies_ That mean eyebrow raise . * so that's how it's gunna be... Alright *
Doutzen Kroes Love the new @repeatcashmere Winter ’15 campaign! | #repeatcashmere #winter2015campaign #janwelters #paparazzimodels @paparazzimodels
Natasha Oakley As always, I've brought the sun with me to London ☀️
Alana Blanchard Let's go back to this. @ripcurl_usa
okie_dokies_ Happy Thursday Q8! Snappy for girls only : SaraiRollins
Galinka Mirgaeva Enjoying summer on the beach with Energize Greens and Reds. They help to boost my metabolism and provide me with so much energy for the day. Having a perfect summer body is easy with the @energizegreens. 
#energizegreens #energizereds
Devin Brugman Interior love ✨ @editionhotels
nisrinsbia I can't get enough of your face ❤️
nisrinsbia Dying bc bored
Heather Rae Young Ladies!!!
Are you GIFTED? Visit and submit your entry for a chance to become one of @thegiftedgirls. #giftednutrition #staygifted #giftedgirls
Jessica Lauren Three's a crowd. @adamrobertsonphotography
AriannyCelesteUFC® Unused goodness from my #arianny2016 calendar ! Get yours personalized and get a free gift while supplies last!
 Good morning everyone!
Ellis cooper Letting ya'll know I'm wearing a bra today.
Natasha Oakley London outside my window :) @editionhotels
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Ellis cooper K, so... About that.
Ellis cooper K
 I'm sure by now most of you know what this poor excuse for a man did to this beautiful PROTECTED animal. How someone could be so cruel and heartless is beyond my comprehension. I would love to write a longer message about how poaching ANY animal is fucking disgusting however I'm tearing up just writing this short bit. Only thing I have to say is I hope Dr Walter James Palmer rots in jail (or somewhere darker and colder). Have fun being hated by everyone for the rest of your pathetic life. #RIPCecil
okie_dokies_ @marissakimberlin why don't you have snappppy?!
Tianna Gregory Peekaboo, I tea you @fittea #fittea
Galinka Mirgaeva @skinnybunnytea is best for me after a hard workout #skinnybunnytea #SkinnyAmbassador
Heather Rae Young I luv bad b*tches that's my problem! #boxnburn @ashleymariekelsey @lindsaymccormicksports @kellyanne624
Natasha Oakley All that matters right now is this bed ☁️ @editionhotels